Saturday, 25 February 2017

8th week of my training for Ottawa Marathon

Week 8 of my training for Ottawa Marathon: Mileage 151.1km
Sunday 19th 
Morning was hill workout: 3km jog, then up and down a 350m hill for 40 minutes at 8km; then jog back 3km.
Evening: 10km jog in 53:38 (5:22/km)
Monday 20th:
Morning: 18km easy in 1:23:46 (4:39/km)
Evening: 10km jog for 51:53 (5:11/km)
Tuesday 21st:
Morning: 2km warm up; Fartlek 1'1' (13.1km), then 1km cool down.
Evening: 10km jog for 53 minutes (5:20/km)

Friday, 17 February 2017

My 7th week of training for ScotiaBank Ottawa Marathon

My 7th week (12th - 18th Feb 2017) of training for ScotiaBank Ottawa Marathon; Mileage 161.5km

GOAL: Podium of ScotiaBank Ottawa Marathon
Sunday 12th:
Morning: A 3km jog. A 40 minute hill workout (8km), then a 3km cool down.
Evening: A 10km jog for 52:36 (5:16/km pace)

Friday, 10 February 2017

6th week of my training for ScotiaBank Ottawa Marathon

6th week of training for ScotiaBank Ottawa marathon. Total mileage for the week; 151km
Sunday 5th
Morning: A 3km jog took me to the hill. The workout was on a 300m hill section where I did a continuous hard run up and easy jog down hill, all ending in 8km in 40 minutes. Another 3km jog brought me back from the hill.
Evening: An easy 10km run in 52:25 (5:15/km)

Friday, 3 February 2017

A visit to Kaptagat's Complete Sports Athletics Training Centre

Athletes doing laundry outside

The air coming from the adjacent Kaptagat forest was amazingly cool and refreshing. "This is one of the reasons why I come here almost annually to spent my holidays and mentor the young athletes here," said Urs Haenni from Switzerland. "Nowhere else in the world can one find such an amazing weather."

Fifth week of my training for ScotiaBank Ottawa Marathon. Week's mileage; 156km

Fifth week of my training for ScotiaBank Ottawa Marathon (Jan 29th - Feb 4th). Week's mileage; 156km

Sunday 29th
A warm up of about 30 minutes preceded a tempo run of 10km in 33:39. Average pace was 3:22/km. And, that was it for Sunday.
Monday 30th
Morning was a moderate 18.5km in 1:22:51, average pace of 4:24/km
Evening was a 10.5km in 52:21. Average pace of 4:59/km

Friday, 27 January 2017

Road to Ottawa Marathon; fourth week of training

GOAL: To finish at the podium of Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon on May 28th.
Fourth week of January 2017 (22nd - 28th): Mileage 137.5km
Sunday 22nd
It was a hill workout as usual, but the venue changed to a more steep hill. I jogged 3km to the venue then started running up  about 250m hill section and recover by jogging downhill. Being such a very steep hill, it was hard but slow. Total distance for the workout was 8km in 43 minutes. I jogged for 3km after the workout as part of a cool down.
Monday 23rd
Morning was a moderate 18km run
Circumstances forced me to miss my evening run... It feels bad to miss a program, I hope I can find a way to recover that.
Tuesday 24th:
Morning I joined about 100 other athletes for a fartlek workout. After a 2km warm up jog, we did a 2 minutes hard; 1 minute easy run 17 times. This added to 52 minutes in 14km. An average of 3:38/km pace for the whole workout. A 3km cool down followed.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Road to Ottawa Marathon; 3rd week of my training

Road to Ottawa Marathon:
GOAL: To finish at the podium of Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon on May 28th.
Third week of January 2017 (15th - 21st): Mileage 150.5km
This week marked the introduction of speed workouts on Tuesday and Thursday, although gradually.
Sunday 15th
Like the previous week, went for a 3km jog before beginning my hill workouts. The hill workout running uphill about 400m and recovering as I jogged downhill lasted for 51 minutes and 40 seconds at exactly 12km. Average pace was 4:19/km.
Monday 16th
Morning training was a moderate 18km in 1:13:30. Average page of 4:05/km
Evening was an easy 10.5km jog in 52:24. Pace: 4:59/km
Tuesday 17th
The morning marked the beginning of my speed workouts. After a 4km jog, did fartlek of 1minute hard; 1 minute easy twenty times. Average pace for the total workout was 3:48/km. Total distance for the fartlek was 10.8km.