Monday, 22 May 2017

When I arrived in Canada in readiness for the ScotiaBank Ottawa Marathon

In the first few days when I arrived in Brighton, Ontario, I remember doing an easy run in an almost empty park with tall trees and strange sounds coming out from creatures and birds in the forest and had a strange feeling that I had been there before. Looking at the trees around to see if I had ever seen any kind before, everything looked strange, even the grass looked thinner and lighter greenish here than I had seen anywhere else. Then it hit me! I had actually been here almost thirty years ago! Yes. It was the same feeling I had while exploring the world as a 5 year old kid.
Canada, especially the area where I now stay with a great friend hosting me ahead of the IAAF gold label Ottawa Marathon, has the best trails ever for a distance runner to train on. There is also a tartan high school track at a walking distance from where I live, and it is free.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Ottawa Marathon 2017 top elite men and women start lists

2017 Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon – Start lists

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Some racing in Ontario ahead of the ScotiaBank Ottawa Marathon

Life as a runner, not necessarily as an elite athlete - as I do not count myself as one - can be so exciting. There is the rare opportunity to travel to many places across the world, get to know and meet other runners (and by the way, if you have noticed, almost all runners everywhere across the world regardless of their level are amazing people), win commemorative medals, remain fit and healthy and get to contribute to charities, just to name but a few of the many uncountable benefits of being a runner.
So, traveling back and forth Toronto and Ottawa in the last few days, my backpack is now jingling with medals after doing a few of the road races here. I wish I could do more, but I am already tapering for my big race of the year at the end of this month: The ScotiaBank Ottawa Marathon.
The Mississauga marathon that has been praised by many runners who have run before for their great organization was my first stop. I did their 10K race in the evening of 6th May and their half marathon the following morning of 7th May finishing second in both races. The 10km race was won by Sergio Villanueva in 30:16. He was such a fine runner and broke away from the rest of the field just at the start, even before the echo of the gun could resound. I finished second in 31:24 while Tsegaye Dissasa finished third in 31:33.

Monday, 15 May 2017

2015 champ Nicolas Bor looking for a course record at the 2017 Ottawa 10K

Kenya’s Nicholas Bor was all set to defend his 2015 title and set a new course record at the 2016 Ottawa 10K, when an injury forced him to forego the race. But with one month to go before the 2017 Ottawa 10K, Bor believes he is in the right form to do what he was hoping to do last year. 

"My body is responding well to training now, just like it was in 2015," said Bor.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Kenya's Edith Chelimo looking to break Ottawa 10K course record

When she sets foot on Canadian soil for the first time this May, Kenya’s Edith Chelimo will be looking to set a new personal best and course record at the prestigious IAAF gold label Ottawa 10K.
“I am excited. My training this year, so far, has been good and I hope that I will run a good time in Ottawa. I have seen Peres Jepchirchir and Gladys Cherono having run good times,” said Chelimo, days before she ran an impressive 1:08:57 half marathon in Berlin, shedding a little under two minutes from her previous personal best time of 1:10.38.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

17th week of my training for ScotiaBank Ottawa Marathon

17th week (23 - 29 April) of my training for ScotiaBank Ottawa Marathon; Mileage 109km

Sunday 23rd:
Morning: 3km jog, 200m hill sprints (6km), 3km cool down
Evening: 10.5km easy (4:39/km)

Saturday, 22 April 2017

16th week of my training for 2017 ScotiaBank Ottawa Marathon

16th week (16th - 22nd April) of my training for Ottawa Marathon: Mileage 126.7km

Sunday 16th:
Morning: 4km jog, track intervals 5 X 400m (65-67) and 10 X 200m (30), 4km jog
Evening: 10.5km in 50 minutes (4:51/km)
Monday 17th:
Morning: 18km easy in 1:15:08 (4:10/km pace)
Tuesday 18th:
Morning: 2km, Fartlek 2 minutes hard 1 minute easy X 17 (14.2km in ave. pace of 3:36/km), 1km jog
Evening: 10km in 47 minutes (4:43/km)

Wednesday 19th:
Morning: 18km in 1:21:53 (4:33/km)
Thurday 20th:
Morning: 16km in 1:13:47 (4:37/km)