Friday, 20 January 2017

Road to Ottawa Marathon; 3rd week of my training

Road to Ottawa Marathon:
GOAL: To finish at the podium of Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon on May 28th.
Third week of January 2017 (15th - 21st): Mileage 150.5km
This week marked the introduction of speed workouts on Tuesday and Thursday, although gradually.
Sunday 15th
Like the previous week, went for a 3km jog before beginning my hill workouts. The hill workout running uphill about 400m and recovering as I jogged downhill lasted for 51 minutes and 40 seconds at exactly 12km. Average pace was 4:19/km.
Monday 16th
Morning training was a moderate 18km in 1:13:30. Average page of 4:05/km
Evening was an easy 10.5km jog in 52:24. Pace: 4:59/km
Tuesday 17th
The morning marked the beginning of my speed workouts. After a 4km jog, did fartlek of 1minute hard; 1 minute easy twenty times. Average pace for the total workout was 3:48/km. Total distance for the fartlek was 10.8km.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Road to Ottawa Marathon; 2nd week of training

Road to Ottawa Marathon:
GOAL: To finish at the podium of Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon on May 28th.
2 year old, Berlynn Jerotich doing interval training at the University of Eldoret's track

Second week of January 2017 (8th - 14th): Mileage 146km
This is only the second week of my training. My legs are still trying to adjust to the roads, but I am beginning to feel much better than last week. I could begin to introduce some speed workouts slowly from next week.
Sunday 8th
 Morning: A 3km warm up in 18 minutes before the hill workout. Aim of the workout was to run up the hill quite hard and recover as I jog down back to the foot of the hill, balancing the whole workout to end in 50 minutes at exactly 12km.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Road to Ottawa Marathon: First week of training

Road to Ottawa Marathon:

GOAL: To finish at the podium of Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon on May 28th.
First week of January 2017 (1st - 7th). Total mileage 138km.
1st January (Sunday)
This is the day that I ate hills to celebrate the new year.
After a 3km warm up (19 minutes), I started my hill workout where I ran up about 400m and recovered by running down the hill. The aim was to make the whole workout moderate by running a total of 10km in 50 minutes. If the effort for running up the hill became a 4:29/km pace, then going down the hill would be 5:31/km just to make sure the average pace would be 5:00 per kilometer. In the end, I stopped the watch at exactly 10km on top of the hill and the time was 48:48.63. I decided to add a discount by running back to some point and sprinting one last timetothetopof the hill, just to make sure my workout was over 50 minutes. I did a 10 minute cool downafter that.
2nd January (Monday)
Morning run was a moderate 16km progressive run starting with a 5:19/km pace, maitaining an

Thursday, 5 January 2017

My goal marathon for 2017; the Ottawa Marathon

My goal for 2017 is to finish at the podium of an IAAF gold label marathon; the Ottawa Marathon
It is always good to have clear goals that motivate you to get out of bed early each morning and go out for training, and to repeat that again in the evening. Mine is to finish at the podium of the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon on the 28th of May. I know it is such a challenging goal given the competitive nature and the magnitute of the race, but I also believe that I have what it takes to meet my goal there. Every Friday I will be posting my daily workouts of each passing week on my blog entitled road to Ottawa Marathon.
My training began officially on the 1st of January. I had stopped training momentarily in late December to enjoy the festivities. I normally would get away with it in the past years, but this time round it was tricky. I had no other option but to interfere with my training since I had to plan and attend my own wedding ceremony which was on the 27th. So, I missed a few days of training.

Monday, 2 January 2017

The inspirations I got from 2016

Running is a career for some and a lifestyle to others. People in any other occupation often look forward to a time when they are going to retire and begin enjoying their lives. But, watching some runners this year, it would seem like running is a lifelong career that has no retirement age and is to be enjoyed by those who understand the benefits of taking it up.
If there was one thing that running should be used to champion; it should be the spirit of never giving up. Age, work, illness, injuries and financial situations, among others, should never hold anyone back from running and staying fit. Below are some athletes whose experiences in 2016 should motivate anyone to keep on running.

World records will definitely fall this year (2017)!

Being an Olympic year, 2016 has been such a great year for athletics with the climax of it being the Rio Olympics in Brazil.
However, 2017 promises to be even more exciting. It promises to be a year of fast times especially in the marathon event given the way two of the fastest marathon runners this year got so close to the world record time despite the fact the they were obviously not chasing after that time. And, with the ambitious plans that Nike and Adidas have regarding the sub 2 hour marathon, fast times are definitely inevitable.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Take advantage of this Christmas offer and get yourself these two insightful ebooks on Kenyan running

My first ebook is Determined Runners

Not only are Kenyan runners determined to win, but they are also willing to give it their all. They are so hungry for success to an extent that some of them even appear to be willing to die trying as evidenced by some instances where a number of them have had to crawl to the finish line in some international marathon races. Hyvon Ng’etich crawled to the finish line at the 2015 Austin Marathon after collapsing with about 50 meters to go, but still made it to the finish line in her condition. 
This first hand book, written by an athlete who has lived in the same training camps, trained and shared the same experiences with these athletes for over ten years now, may change your perceptions about these world beaters after you learn how much they sacrifice in their training.
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My second ebook is Ideal Places to Train in Kenya

From Iten, to Eldoret, to Nyahururu, to Kapsabet, to Kaptagat, to Ngong, and to many other places, it is always hard for an athlete to know which place exactly meets their needs as an ideal place for them to train. 
This booklet, in a brief but insightful way, helps one know what to expect in the different training destinations in Kenya, the pros and cons of living in a hotel versus renting a house, the facilities found in some places that lack in other destinations, how to find a group to join and many more.
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