Take advantage of this Christmas offer and get yourself these two insightful ebooks on Kenyan running

My first ebook is Determined Runners

Not only are Kenyan runners determined to win, but they are also willing to give it their all. They are so hungry for success to an extent that some of them even appear to be willing to die trying as evidenced by some instances where a number of them have had to crawl to the finish line in some international marathon races. Hyvon Ng’etich crawled to the finish line at the 2015 Austin Marathon after collapsing with about 50 meters to go, but still made it to the finish line in her condition. 
This first hand book, written by an athlete who has lived in the same training camps, trained and shared the same experiences with these athletes for over ten years now, may change your perceptions about these world beaters after you learn how much they sacrifice in their training.
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My second ebook is Ideal Places to Train in Kenya

From Iten, to Eldoret, to Nyahururu, to Kapsabet, to Kaptagat, to Ngong, and to many other places, it is always hard for an athlete to know which place exactly meets their needs as an ideal place for them to train. 
This booklet, in a brief but insightful way, helps one know what to expect in the different training destinations in Kenya, the pros and cons of living in a hotel versus renting a house, the facilities found in some places that lack in other destinations, how to find a group to join and many more.
You can buy this ebook by clicking HERE

Why The Nairobi Marathon ought to be an IAAF label road race

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