Almost every Kenyan athlete studied at the University of Eldoret

Most Kenyan athletes do not state on their social media profile accounts that they actually went through learning at a certain university, perhaps because they find that it may not be relevant to their careers as runners, but, personally, I think the runners should be doing that. David Rudisha, Eliud KIpchoge, Asbel Kiprop, Ezekiel Kemboi and Vivian Cheruiyot are just but a small fraction
of the Olympic champions who honed their speed work at the University of Eldoret.
I had to look up the word 'study' in the dictionary and realized it is a process of learning something. Most Kenyan athletes have spent more years in universities learning how to run fast times than the time the regular students would spend to get their degrees in other fields like learning how to count, read, sell, communicate, and farm, among others.
Besides studying and researching on the best training programs and the right nutrition, runners who succeed need more hard work and discipline more than the average student in any other field.

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