Fifth week of my training for ScotiaBank Ottawa Marathon. Week's mileage; 156km

Fifth week of my training for ScotiaBank Ottawa Marathon (Jan 29th - Feb 4th). Week's mileage; 156km

Sunday 29th
A warm up of about 30 minutes preceded a tempo run of 10km in 33:39. Average pace was 3:22/km. And, that was it for Sunday.
Monday 30th
Morning was a moderate 18.5km in 1:22:51, average pace of 4:24/km
Evening was a 10.5km in 52:21. Average pace of 4:59/km

Tuesday 31st
Morning: 4km warm up. Farlek of 3 hard; 1 minute easy for a total of 48 minutes in 13km. Average pace for the workout was 3:37/km. Followed by a 3km jog as a cool down.
Evening was a 10.5km jog in 56:49.45. (5:25/km pace)
Wednesday 1st
Morning: Moderate 21km in 1:31:37 (average pace 4:22)
Evening: 10.5 km in 55:49.50 (5:19/km)
Thursday 2nd
Morning: 4km jog took me to the hill. Target was; whichever came first between 40 minutes and 8km of running up and jogging down a 300m section of a hill. It ended in 8km at 39 minutes. Jogged back 3km.
Evening: Rest
Friday 3rd
A 38km morning run in 2:34:56 completed another week of training for me.
Saturday 4th

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