17th week of my training for ScotiaBank Ottawa Marathon

17th week (23 - 29 April) of my training for ScotiaBank Ottawa Marathon; Mileage 109km

Sunday 23rd:
Morning: 3km jog, 200m hill sprints (6km), 3km cool down
Evening: 10.5km easy (4:39/km)

Monday 24th:
Morning: 16km in 1:16 (4:48/km)
Tuesday 25th: 
Morning: 3km jog, Fartlek 1"1" X 25 (13.5km in 3:43/km pace), 1km jog
Wednesday 26th:
Morning:  easy 18km in 1:26 (4:47/km)
Thursday 27th:
Morning: 16km easy in 1:11 (4:27/km)
Friday 28th:
Morning: 4km jog, 5km tempo run in 15:20 (3:03/km pace)
Saturday 29th:
Morning: 10km jog in 52 minutes (5:13/km)

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