Follow and Support My Training and Journey to Race in Spring 2018

Beginning on 3rd December 2017, I will be updating my weekly training on this page. My training will be made to suit my level of running and my individual goals, but I will be willing to provide an adjusted program and share ideas with those who would like to incorporate this training to suit their level, work schedules and their goals for next year too. You can email thekenyanathlete(at) if interested in a specialized program for yourself.

Running the Ottawa Marathon in 2017
Here is my focus for next year: With personal best times of 29:48, 1:06:24 and 2:26:48 for the 10K, the half marathon and the full marathon, I am at a point in my Running career where I believe I am ever so close to making a bigger breakthrough that will finally get me a shoe/apparel sponsor, a better profile to get complimentary entries to big races, and get me closer to my life's goals of helping and inspiring others to work hard in their lives and meet their goals too.
To get there, I will first have to find the means to sponsor myself to some road races in the spring (March - May) to further improve on my times and to train well for these races.
Your support will not only shape my future, but the future of many young people who look up to me for help and inspiration for their future.
Kindly, click on the button below to donate towards my training and my travel expenses to race.

Saturday 9th December:
Morning: 5km hard tempo run in 15:30

Friday 8th December:
Morning: 1hr easy run.

Thursday 7th December:
Morning: Fartlek 3"2" for 35 minutes.

Wednesday 6th December:
Morning: Easy 14km run in 1hr 10 minutes.

Tuesday, 5th December:
Morning: Track intervals 400 X 12 (in 66 -69)
Evening: 40 minutes easy (8km)

Monday, 4th December:
Morning: Easy 15km run in 1hr 10 minutes.

Sunday, 3rd December:
Morning: Easy 12km run in 56 minutes
Afternoon/Evening: Rest.