ARD/The Sunday Times investigations reveal Kenyans are WAY LESS likely to dope than non-Kenyans

Kenyan medalists are WAY LESS likely to dope than other distance medallists — non-Russian medalists are 58% more likely to have suspect blood values than Kenyan medalists
This one gets its own bullet point because we’re sick of getting emails from visitors along the lines of “See, all the Kenyans are dirty.” Kenya, along with Russia, has been one of the biggest targets in recent media doping discussions. Some of that is because of the ARD documentary, which had some very troubling footage of athletes shooting up with EPO in Kenya, but let’s not let sensationalism get in the way of facts. Rather than single out Kenya for doping, the data easily could have been used to say the Kenyan medallists are way LESS likely to have suspicious blood values than other medallists. The Times wrote, “Kenya, renowned for producing great distance-runners, is also a doping hotbed, with questions over 18 of the country’s medals.” (What The Sunday Times did not mention was Kenyan won an amazing 92 medals during this time period).

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