Perth 2016: Kenyan athletes sweep medals at the IAAF world masters athletics championships in Australia

With the Perth 2016 world masters athletics championships about to come to a conclusion today, Kenyans collected almost double the number of medals they had ever accumulated in the past days since the world championships began ten days ago.

Francis Komu won the half marathon race in 1:11:06 leading his compatriots John Birgen 1:11:19 and Philip Metto 1:11:26 to a 1-2-3 podium sweep. This was an indication that Kenyans still rule the roads even in the masters categories.
This was a great achievement by the Kenyan athletes given the fact that no national trials, and probably enough preparations before the team was selected.
Below are some of the selected results so far from the championship:
21KM M40
1 Francis Komu M KENYA GOLD 1:11:06.16
2 John Birgen M KENYA  SILVER 1:11:19.71
3 Philip Metto M KENYA  BRONZE 1:11:26.63

21KM M45
1. Davide Figueredo M PORTUGAL GOLD 1:11:41.05
2. John Sang M KENYA  SILVER 1:12:18.01

11 Stephen Kihara M KENYA 21KM M55 SILVER 1:15:14.48
18 Joel Kosgey M KENYA 21KM M50 1:19:30.73
56 Stephen Kamande M KENYA 21KM M60 SILVER 1:27:38.13

Other events in the past days:
10,000m men M50-
Paul Kibet
(1) Paul kibet yego- 33:13.34- GOLD- KEN
(2) Raymond Ben -33:19.16 - SILVER-GBN
(3) Graham Bruce - 33: 48.89- BRONZE- AUSTRALIA
10.000m Men M45 -
(1) Joshua Kipchumba - 31:40.16- GOLD - KEN
(2) Troncoso Caesar – 32:04.42 – SILVER- ARG
3)Kwist Patrick – 32:10. 29 – BRONZE – NETHERLANDS
10.000m Men M60
(1) '' M60 - Ramirez R. Jose - 39:44.44; GOLD -Colombia
(2) '' M60- Whilve Dennis - 39:41.75 - SILVER- NZ
(3)'' - M60 – Joseph Some Koskei – 39:45.73- BRONZE- KEN
(1) James Doff - 15.66 - RSA- GOLD
(2) Cortina - 14.11 - USA- SILVER
(3) Joshua Pondo - 14.06- KEN- BRONZ

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