What Eliud Kipchoge once said on competing against Kenenisa Bekele in the Marathon

After winning the New Dheli half marathon in 59:44 minutes last weekend, fans are now looking forward to watching Kipchoge run the London Marathon in April. The marathon will be greatly exciting if Kenenisa Bekele,who now holds the fastest time in marathon this year, will be also part of the elite field. It will be one epic battle. Here is what Kipchoge had said the last time I asked him about how he intented to deal with Bekele over the 42km distance.

"Marathon is different from track running. I know everybody will be aiming to win and that's also what I will be aiming to do. I will run my best and will be happy if I will win. As for Kenenisa Bekele, I am not going to Chicago marathon to compete against him, but rather to run my own race," Kipchoge had said.
This was in 2014 when he was about to meet for the first time with Bekele on the roads. Many had expected that Eliud Kipchoge would be out to revenge against Kenenisa Bekele since Bekele, for a number of times, had prevented him from winning gold medals in the 5,000 meter track event. During major championship events, the two were always at the top of the world in track distance running and Bekele had been the nemesis of Kipchoge.
On their first encounter, Kipchoge was only after two things: To win the race and to lower his personal best time. This will probably the two goals he will also be going for in London, unless he adds a world record this time round, now that he is only eight seconds away from it.
How will Kipchoge ensure that he wins the London Marathon again?
"Discipline summarizes everything. I took up running seriously as my profession. I remained disciplined not only in matters to do with running, but in life generally. It involved making sacrifices and foregoing other pleasures that could interfere with my profession," he had said.
For discipline, Kipchoge now has so far won seven marathons and only finished second in one.

 This is an impressive record that has resulted from his discipline in life and training.

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