My goal marathon for 2017; the Ottawa Marathon

My goal for 2017 is to finish at the podium of an IAAF gold label marathon; the Ottawa Marathon
It is always good to have clear goals that motivate you to get out of bed early each morning and go out for training, and to repeat that again in the evening. Mine is to finish at the podium of the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon on the 28th of May. I know it is such a challenging goal given the competitive nature and the magnitute of the race, but I also believe that I have what it takes to meet my goal there. Every Friday I will be posting my daily workouts of each passing week on my blog entitled road to Ottawa Marathon.
My training began officially on the 1st of January. I had stopped training momentarily in late December to enjoy the festivities. I normally would get away with it in the past years, but this time round it was tricky. I had no other option but to interfere with my training since I had to plan and attend my own wedding ceremony which was on the 27th. So, I missed a few days of training.

However, I started the new year very well by eating hills to celebrate it on Sunday 1st. This is how it went. After a 3km warm up (19 minutes), I started my hill workout where I ran up a hill for about 400m and recovered by jogging downhill. The aim was to make the whole workout feel like a moderate run by running a total of 10km in 50 minutes. If the effort for running up the hill became a 4:29/km pace, then going down the hill would be 5:31/km just to make sure the average pace would be 5:00 per kilometer. In the end, I stopped the watch at exactly 10km on top of the hill and the time was 48:48.63. I decided to add a discount by running back to some point and sprinting one last time to the top of the hill, just to make sure that my workout was over 50 minutes. I concluded by doing a 10 minute cool down after that.

The first two weeks of my training will be slower and slightly shorter than what I anticipate to be doing later on in my training, but it is a precaution to try and avoid injuries. Also, I won't do any form of speed workouts for the first two weeks.  My body weight now is at 57kg as I start my training and I hope to be somewhere around 52kg during the marathon.

I will be so grateful to those who will find the time to follow and cheer me along as I focus on achieving my target for this year. It is also my hope that my journey should motivate others to set goals and work towards achieving them on a daily basis too. Feel free to contact me with any word of encouragement, comment, advice, critique or support. You can reach me by checking my contact page.

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