Road to Ottawa Marathon; 2nd week of training

Road to Ottawa Marathon:
GOAL: To finish at the podium of Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon on May 28th.
2 year old, Berlynn Jerotich doing interval training at the University of Eldoret's track

Second week of January 2017 (8th - 14th): Mileage 146km
This is only the second week of my training. My legs are still trying to adjust to the roads, but I am beginning to feel much better than last week. I could begin to introduce some speed workouts slowly from next week.
Sunday 8th
 Morning: A 3km warm up in 18 minutes before the hill workout. Aim of the workout was to run up the hill quite hard and recover as I jog down back to the foot of the hill, balancing the whole workout to end in 50 minutes at exactly 12km.
In the end, it became 12km in 51 minutes and 12 seconds, the first stage was quite slower as I had misjudged the effort I was to use. Average pace for the whole workout was 4:16/km.
Evening: Rest
Monday 9th
Morning run was a moderate 18km run on the trails as I avoided the rough dusty roads that are typical of January and February in Kenya. Time was 1:25:04, an average pace of 4:44/km.
Evening run was an easy jog of 10.5km in 54:32.95; an average pace of 5:12/km.
Tuesday 10th
Morning run was an easy 16.5km in 1:19:50 with an average pace of 4:50/km.
Evening run was an easy 10.5km in 53:57.44. Average pace; 5:08/km.
Wednesday 11th
Morning run was a moderate 17.6km in 1:21:26. Average pace of 4:38/km.
Evening run was an easy 12km in 1:01:17 in an average pace of 5:06/km
Thursday 12th
Morning was a moderate 16km run for 1:15:13. Average pace of 4:42/km
Evening: Rest
Friday 13th
An early moderate morning run of 30km in 2:10:15 completed my  2nd week circle of training. The average pace was 4:21/km.
Saturday 14th

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