8th week of my training for Ottawa Marathon

Week 8 of my training for Ottawa Marathon: Mileage 151.1km
Sunday 19th 
Morning was hill workout: 3km jog, then up and down a 350m hill for 40 minutes at 8km; then jog back 3km.
Evening: 10km jog in 53:38 (5:22/km)
Monday 20th:
Morning: 18km easy in 1:23:46 (4:39/km)
Evening: 10km jog for 51:53 (5:11/km)
Tuesday 21st:
Morning: 2km warm up; Fartlek 1'1' (13.1km), then 1km cool down.
Evening: 10km jog for 53 minutes (5:20/km)

Wednesday 22nd:
Morning: 20km easy run in 1:34 (4:42/km)
Evening: 8.5km jog for 46:32 (5:28/km)
Thursday 23rd:
Morning: 4km jog to field, Intervals 8 X 800 (2:25 - 2:30), 400 X 1 (68), 200 X 4 ; then 4km jog
Evening: 10.5km jog in 54:20 (5:11/km)
Friday 24th:
Morning: 1km jog, 15km tempo run for 53 minutes (3:33/km), then 2.5km jog.
Evening: rest
Saturday 25th:

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