Is it good for the sport and fans?

This weekend while travelling in a public service vehicle (PSV) to a location far away from the urban centre of Eldoret town, I saw some people in the vehicle taking with them leaflets of sporting event fixtures for some weeks ahead so that they would be placing bets during their spare times there in the village. 
Betting seems to be a relatively new but big phenomenon in the sporting industry right now. It is a sector that is developing rapidly and making a huge impact in societies across the world than it has ever done before. 
Companies involved in the betting business, also termed as Bookmakers, are employing millions of the otherwise would be unemployed youths and making others who win bets rich. Most of these companies also involve themselves in some charitable work as well as sponsoring some of the local and international sporting competitions that help recognise talents in communities. Some of the Common Bookmakers in Kenya include SportPesa, Mybet Partner Code, Betin, and others. 
But, is betting a good thing for the sport? Should I personally advise anyone to bet? Below are some of my thoughts regarding betting.

First of all, we have to accept that there is a degree of betting in whatever we decide to do in our everyday living. It could be business, education, health or even as simple as taste related, among very many others. We at times buy electronic devices that blow up as soon as we try using them for the first time. At times, we can buy some food stuff that we fail to like and discard the whole package after tasting them at home. The opposite can happen where we buy something with some little expectations on it and it ends up performed beyond what we expected of them.  So, to me, betting is betting, as long as you spend your money wisely by making a budget before placing your money on a bet, you are good to go.
Secondly, it is a sport. As long as one does it for pleasure and it doesn’t interfere with their work and much of their valuable time, I see no objection to betting. After all, athletic fans pay money as entrance fees to go out and watch sporting events, there is no extra harm in having the fans put a little more money where their mouths are!

Thirdly, betting can be a practical a way of pooling together resources to help one person succeed in life. When millions of people decide to spend some spare change on a bet, which would otherwise not be useful to one person, a large sum of money is collected enough to transform a number of lives in many ways. Be it those who are directly winning their bets, those employed by the Book makers and those benefiting from sponsored charitable programs.
Fourthly, betting brings more following to sports since those who bet would definitely research more on teams and individual players before placing their bets.

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