The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games' middle and long distance events time-table

The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games are approaching so fast. As a long distance runner and a fan of athletics in general, I can’t wait to watch the action live. I will probably be turning these days, from Sunday to Sunday as a week of relatively easy running as I do much of updates and previews throughout the week. I enjoy all running events, but I do believe I have more insights into distances from the 800m track events to the marathon. Look out for some of my stories on RunBlogRun
Every day, from the 8th to the 15th there will be at least one interesting final to be enjoyed by any middle/long distance athletics fan. Below is a simplified time-table of what to expect each day in the local Gold Coast times and Kenyan times in brackets.
8th April: - Finals:
                07:00 (00:00) Men’s 20km walk
                09:15 AM (02:15) Women’s 20km walk
                16:40 (09:40) Men 5000m finals (first track final)
9th April: - Finals:
                20:35 (13:35) Women’s 10,000m finals
10th April: Finals:
                22:04 (15:04) Women’s 1500m finals
11th April: Finals:
                19:45 (12:45) Women 3000m steeplechase
12th April: Finals:
                22:13 (15:13) Men’s 800m
13th April: Finals:
                19:30 (12:30) Men 3000m steeplechase
                20:45 (13:45) Women 800m
                21:10 (14:10) Men 10,000m
14th April Finals:
                15:20 (08:20) Women 5000m
                16:10 (09:10) Men 1500m
15th April Finals:
                7:20 (00:20) Women marathon
                8:15 (01:15) Men marathon

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