Conseslus Kipruto hated running and focused on football while in high school

The story of Conseslus Kipruto is quite amazing. He tried his best to avoid running, but when running finally won him over, it rewarded him with multiple achievements that only remain as dreams to so many other runners who have had the passion for running their entire lives. Talk about the last becoming the first!
From his childhood, Kipruto fought hard not to become a runner. In high school, he continued to focus on football, playing twice a week. He wanted to develop skills as a striker, but both his uncle, Cleophus Saina, who also worked as a physio and his head teacher had different plans for him and persistently pushed him to try running. When the head teacher would find him playing football he would stop the game and say, ‘no more football Conseslus, I want you to run’.

Finally, Kipruto gave in to pressure. Then, in what was only his second ever steeplechase race, he won the national secondary schools title. “It was amazing to be national champion, especially as I had so little steeplechase experience,” Kipruto said. “The next year I went on to compete at the 2011 IAAF World U18 Championships in France where I went on to win gold. It was during my second season as a steeplechaser when I first started to learn to love the event. Steeplechase has brought me so much joy and happiness over the past eight years. It has taken me so far in my life and earned me the World, Olympic and Commonwealth titles,” he added.
To Kipruto, the steeplechase event has suddenly become his life. The event has taken him a long way out of his home village of Lutiet in Nandi County and has made him one of the greatest athletes in the world; an Olympic, a World and a Commonwealth Games champion, among many other great achievements. You can’t beat the thrill of clearing the barriers at speed, it a great adrenaline rush, something magical.”

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