New features now make Strava irresistible to runners!

Two runners pass by each other while training in Kaptagat, Kenya

1. Choosing your favorite runners to appear first on your feed:

Among the new features announced by Strava is that of giving users the ability to choose the activities to appear first on their timelines and to choose the favorite runners whose activities appear on top.

This means you’ll no longer miss cheering on a friend’s massive effort because you didn’t get to see it. To give you an even more customized feed, we’re rolling out the capability to favorite the athletes you care about most. Their activities will be shown first in your feed and you can even choose to be notified whenever they upload something new. So you can always be the first to give your best friend kudos on their new PR.

As an online coach, this feature, in particular, is the most favorite for me as I will be able to put the runners I coach on top.

2. Auto-detection of fake runs and inaccurate efforts:

While checking on the leaders in some Strava clubs, at times one would find runners doing runs as long as up to 3,000km in a day across an ocean! Well, Strava is going to introduce a feature that detects fake runs.

You crush a hard workout, barely catch your breath, then speed away in your car going 40mph – without stopping Strava. The auto-detection of inaccurate efforts will now come in hand.

Starting this week, when a segment result doesn’t look right – or possible, for whatever reason – you’ll be notified that your activity was automatically flagged. And with our new cropping tool, you can update your activity so that it ends when it actually did by editing the time and distance – right from your phone. So both your activities and segment leaderboards will be more authentic than before.

3. Connection with Apple Watch:

Lots of runners have been wanting to get their Apple Watch workouts directly onto Strava, and now, the first version of connecting to Apple Health is ready to go. See your last 30 days of activities, choose which ones you want to sync to Strava, and title, add photos and edit them as usual. Then bask in the kudos.

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