Mizuno to Sponsor the Honolulu Marathon

Below is a press release from the race organizers of the Honolulu marathon that is expected to take place on the 13th of December this year.

The Honolulu Marathon is excited to welcome Mizuno as its new apparel sponsor.

Mizuno has been confirmed as a supporting sponsor of the Honolulu Marathon. At this year’s event, scheduled for December 13, 2020, the Japanese run apparel specialist will provide all finisher, commemorative and volunteer shirts and sell official merchandise at the Honolulu Marathon Expo.

The Honolulu Marathon was first held in 1973 and is the fourth largest marathon in the United States. It is very popular in Japan; and to date about 470,000 Japanese runners have raced at the Honolulu Marathon.

The December 2020 race weekend includes three distances: the full 26.2-mile marathon, the Start to Park 10k, and the Kalakaua Merrie Mile.

“We are particularly proud to welcome such a premier athletic company at this difficult time,” said Jim Barahal, CEO & President of the Honolulu Marathon Association. “This demonstrates Mizuno’s long-term commitment to the people of Hawaii and Japan.

Can virtual runs be used fairly to win titles and prize money in races?

On the 1st of this month, Canadian runners held the Canadian 10K national championships, virtually. By the end of that day, we had two newly crowned Canadian national champions for the 10K, Justin Kent who ran a personal best time of 28:52 and Natasha Wodak who won the omen's title in 31:42. And, they did also walk away with some prize money. 

Some of the conditions that the race organizer had put in place to ensure a fair race included racers running on an out and back route, obviously to ensure no one takes advantage of a downhill course; a race companion to take a video of the runner on the route and a GPX file to be uploaded to get the official results.

My new ebook on mental, weight and pacing strategies among Kenyan runners

Irene Cheptai, world cross country champion leading
 the rest in a local race in Kenya
Kenya is known the world over for the great long-distance runners that come out of it. The factors that make this country so lies in its great climatic conditions throughout the year, the places to train on high altitudes, the availability of many groups of athletes to train with, and the culture and history of running in the country.
I am lucky to have been born in Kenya and to have joined some of the biggest training camps here in my early life. This gives me enough experience to give out some insights on how Kenyan runners deal with a number of areas in their training.
Here, in my new Ebook, I am going to deal with their mental preparations, how they deal with their weight in different stages of their training, and their pacing strategies both in training and in racing.

Available ebook formats: epub, mobi, pdf, lrf, pdb, txt and html.

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How Kenyan runners deal with weight at various stages of their training

A Kenyan runner doing an easy morning run. Photo by Justin Lagat

In their initial days of race preparations, one would find Kenyan runners wearing semi-waterproof tracksuits that make them sweat profusely during their runs. In addition, they would do these runs in the mid-morning to noon sun in order to maximize the effects of the heat.

These easy runs in the hot sun soon get them into their ideal training weight in about one month.

Kenyan runners believe that it is good for one to find out their ideal racing weight in order for them to tell if they will need to gain more or lose during their training. And the best way to get to one’s desired weight fast is not in the likes of lemon concoctions, but by training and sweating in the heat. It is also important to feel healthy and fit, so one should not quickly train more to lose more weight regardless of other factors.

Information on my marathon and long distance running online coaching programs

Kenyan Athlete with fans in Canada The happenings from 2016 to 2018 have inspired me tremendously to take up the job of helping others...