Basic Training Plans

To make my online coaching more affordable to many runners, I am offering some basic Kenyan training plans that I am going to issue weekly, depending on the level of the runner. These will be different from my individualized coaching programs where runners would receive programs that are tailored specifically for them and adapt to their progress, besides getting access to daily communication with the coach.

In these basic plans, the runner himself/herself chooses a category that they think they fit from the beginner level up to level 3.

Level 1 is for runners who are beginning to train, or are getting back into training again after a long break. Level 2 is for runners who are trying to just keep maintaining their fitness level without worrying about any upcoming races or time trials. Level 3 is for those runners who wish to get their bodies into a racing mode, or those looking forward to an upcoming race/time trial.

There will also be three distance categories; the 5km, the 10km – 21km runners, and the 42.2km runners.

However, these programs will also be based on the ideal programs that have worked for many. The blending of Easy with Tempo runs; speed workouts with long runs; hill workouts and intervals, among others in a way that the runner will get to reap the best from all these workouts as well as getting enough and ideal recoveries in between them. 

For just $14.99, you get the training of a typical Kenyan long-distance runner. You will get a one-week free trial period in which you can cancel your subscription if you change your mind.

To start, choose your level below from the drop-down menu, and once you subscribe you will begin receiving your weekly training programs every Sunday (East African Time).

Choose Your Fitness Level

 Below is an example of a Level 2 Marathon training program:

Week 11:

Monday 25th: 1hr 10 minutes easy run.

Tuesday 26th: Hill workout. Jog for 15 minutes to your usual hill workouts spot. Run up (250m) moderately hard and jog down as recovery, continuously for 40 minutes. Cooldown at least 10 minutes.

Wednesday 27th: 1hr easy run.

Thursday 28th: Fartlek. Jog 15 minutes. (Run 2 minutes hard; jog 1 minute) x 13. Cool down.

Friday 29th: 1hr easy run

Saturday 30th: 30km long run easy to moderate pace.

Sunday 31st: Rest.

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