Eliud Kipchoge does not need New Year resolutions

Eliud Kipchoge with his life and running coach, Patrick Sang
Try hard and just imagine for a moment winning one of the major marathons in the world. I know it is already hard to imagine winning a local 5K race in your town, but just give it a shot. Imagine repeating that again in yet another major marathon within the same year. Imagine you shattered the world record by over a minute in your next marathon. And, if you still have some more energy to imagine, continue and imagine being named as the IAAF’s best athlete of the year.

An interview with one of the leading athletic managers in Kenya on the future of running

Nicholas Bor leading the men's Ottawa 10K race, photo by Ottawa Marathon
A conversation I had with one athletics manager dealing with the long and middle distance runners kept me thinking about the need for stake holders in the sport of running to invest in different ways to attract more fans into the sport. We need more running related TV and Radio shows, magazines, more races coming up, more marketing of athletes, more coaching on public relation skills to top runners, and many more other ways.

Why not even form a version of the football and other sports focused betting sites, like the affiliate code from nairabet, and make it focuse solely in running so that people would as well try and learn more about running and runners in order to better their odds of winning?

Different ways in which Kenyan athletes do their long runs

Justin Lagat training in Eldoret, Kenya
Not all Kenyan athletes have vehicles to use in their long runs, but they still find ways to do it. Below are four typical ways in which most of the Kenyan athletes do their long runs. Where there is a will; there is always a way. 

Running is also a business venture with great potential

Athletes running at the Nike Discovery Kenya Cross Country championships in Eldoret
Many people claim to be running “just” as a hobby. No problem with that. But, to be honest, running is quickly transforming itself into another form of a business venture with great potential. Times are quickly changing. Even water used to be free a few years ago, but time has come when companies have seized the opportunity to bottle and brand the resource and it is now turning into another lucrative business venture as well. Even soil is being packaged and sold in supermarkets these days!

There are so many companies that are getting into the health and fitness industry in the recent years. Be it sport tourism training camps and destinations (like Iten, Kenya), medical facilities, gym facilities, nutritional products, running shoes, online coaching and even sites that get money out of sports, for example review ug worldstar, among others. In fact, other companies that are not even related directly with the sport of running are getting into partnerships with athletes in order for them to market their brands.

Kenyan athlete's experience running road races in Canada

Receiving awards after finishing 1st at the SportingLife Ottawa 10K
This was my experience last year when I went out to run some road races and train in Canada for a month. It was a very fulfilling and insightful experience in many ways.