Lemi Berhanu and Worknesh Degefa back to win titles again at the 2019 Dubai Marathon

Lemi Berhanu winning the 2015 edition of the Dubai Marathon

Below is a press release from the organizers of the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon:
 Dubai (UAE): Former champions Lemi Berhanu and Worknesh Degefa will be among the powerful elite line-up when the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon celebrates its 20th edition on the streets of the UAE on January 25.

Athletics Kenya Press release regarding the state of road races in the country

This is a press release from Athletics governing body of Kenya on 3rd January 2019,  touching on the road races across the country:
As you are all aware Athletics Kenya is the only body in the country charged with the organization of all athletics activities locally and therefore, no any other body has the mandate to execute the same.
However, we have noted with concern the mushrooming of illegal road races across the country and the trend is really worrying. We are aware a few individuals have turned to road races around the country into a cash cow at the expense of the athletes.
From now hence forth, AK will take charge of all road races with the help of our affiliates to ensure organisers do not take advantage of the runners.

Will Asbel Kiprop get banned, or not?

Asbel Kiprop training in Iten
Asbel Kiprop’s samples were allegedly collected in November 2017. One year and two months later, he has not been able to participate in any competitions and is yet to know whether he is going to be banned or not. I have no idea why it is taking such a long time for him to be either banned or set free, but I know this.

When I started my anti-doping awareness campaigns some time back in 2013, I remember Asbel Kiprop was among the first people to support me. He did purchase a number of T-shirts with a slogan urging athletes to run clean that I helped distribute to a number of athletes. I know of some of the athletes who saw the need to shun doping completely out of my small efforts.

Interview with Justin Lagat, the Running Author

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in the rural areas in the Rift Valley region in Kenya. My primary school was about four kilometers away and I, with my siblings, would run to and fro four times in a day. This made me like running. However, in a land where everyone is born into the same life situations, it was hard to make a great impression as an exceptional runner. I would win in some low profile competitions, but could not proceed due to the abundant talents around. However, my interest in running began there.
Writing came out of my creative nature, and the two passions; running and writing have resulted in my books.

When did you first start writing?
In Primary school's creative writing tests. That's from around 1994.

What motivated you to become an indie author?
I think I was born a writer.

How I improved my marathon time by 29 minutes

winning a 10K race in Ottawa, Canada
Running and completing a marathon is one of the hardest undertakings that any runner can undertake. Cutting 29 minutes off a marathon time is even harder. It needs well thought and lengthy preparations.

The training program should be made to incorporate track and road speed workouts, hills, long runs, tempo runs, enough sleep, among others.