Kenya names team to the 2018 African Senior Athletics Campionships this weekend.

Road to Asaba, Nigeria begins at the Uasin Gishu County Championships
As Kenya names the national team this weekend, one thing is certain; Kenya will be able to send a stronger team to the championships this time round given that there is no major international event affecting the runners. There was the Rio Olympic Games in 2016 and most of Kenya’s big stars had opted to focus on the Olympic Games instead of the African championships.

My review on the XX2i performance and casual frames and sunglasses

From my training with the Hawaii1
There have been genuine surprises in the faces of a few friends I have given my XX2i sunglasses to try. “These are so different!” They would tell me, adding that they have never expected glasses to make them feel the way they felt when they tested them. It was the same case for me when I got the 5 frames (I was expecting four!) from Rudy Project USA, early this month. I had been spoiled for choice on which one to start trying as all of them were so appealing.

CONTINUATION... The joy of running and finishing the 2018 Eldoret City Marathon together with my wife

I, training in Ontario, Canada

Travelling by bus to the start line was good in that we had the chance to analyse to route that we would be using to run the first 20km. It was frightening at the same time as we noticed it was taking long for the bus to reach the starting point, yet that would just be less than half the distance we would be covering while running.
By 6:30 we were already at the starting point. There was a sea of athletes warming up and it was turning out to be a bigger race than we had imagined it would be, being an inaugural one. The villagers had turned out in large numbers to witness the race, and more were brought by the arrival of not just one, but two choppers. There was a heavy presence of security personnel on the ground and we understood why when the deputy president himself showed up and began warming up as well with other senior government officials.

The joy of running and finishing the 2018 Eldoret City Marathon together with my wife on the 22nd of April 2018

As I waited for my wife at the end of the finish chute where the officials had pushed me to, so that I would not cause more jam at the finish line, I had mixed feelings. I was almost certain that my wife would be furious and was definitely going to slap me or yell at me once she crossed the finish line since I had not believed in her when she had told me she was going to finish the marathon.  And so, as I stood there, I saw too members of the medical staff carrying her towards the first aid tent. She looked so weak and I thought it was safe for me to approach her. I approached them and patted her on the shoulder, asked how she felt and whether she was able to finish the race. She didn’t reply. Instead, she grabbed and held me tightly as she cried on my shoulder. The medical staff helped me take her to the tent where they placed her on the table, put some ice on her paining legs and did some more first aid on her before I led her away.

It has been a VERY long time for Desiree Linden hunting down the Boston Marathon victory. Here is the first time I met her in Kenya

Desiree Linden at the Eldoret Sports Club, Eldoret, Kenya.

I met with Desiree Davila by chance at Eldoret International Airport on 8th January 2014 as she arrived to train in Kenya. Living very close to the airport, I usually go there to do some money transactions instead of going all the way to Eldoret town, and this was one of such incidences. 
She was awaiting a vehicle from Lornah Kiplagat's camp in Iten to pick her up and I got lucky to have some time to chat with her before the vehicle could arrive.
We promised to meet again, and indeed met at Eldoret Sports Club during the Nike Discovery Kenya XC. I didn't know she would recognize me, but she did! We chatted a little about her training as we watched the cross country races. 
I also wanted to know if she would do a local race here in Kenya before leaving the country of which she said she would have liked to, but her time to train here is limited and so she would rather focus only on her training this time round. We did not have plenty of time to talk and she requested to complete my interview by email, and I am grateful she was able to do that in the course of the day.
I was touched by her personality.

Below is the interview I had with her:

Conseslus Kipruto surprisingly moves up to the 5,000m event after winning all the major gold medals in the 3,000m steeplechase

Conseslus Kipruto winning gold at the London 2017 world championships

While many believe that the only major feat remaining for Kipruto now is to break the world record, he has made a surprising decision to open his diamond league season in the men’s 5000m race at the Shanghai Diamond League this weekend, the 12th of May.
Kipruto ran a spectacular men's 3000m steeplechase final at the Gold Coast Games in the Carrara Stadium while talking to his team mates and urging them on despite being in such a fast pace that was inside the Games' record. He was able to ensure that Kenyans continued their domince of this event at the Commonwealth Games since 1990 with 1-2-3 clean sweeps of the podium in 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010, and 2014. This was his third major gold medal after winning the Olympic gold medal in Rio 2016 and the world gold medal in London 2017.

The joy of running and finishing the 2018 Eldoret City Marathon together with my wife on the 22nd of April 2018

As I waited for my wife at the end of the finish chute where the officials had pushed me to, so that I would not cause more jam at the f...