Kenyan athletes may change their citizenships for the benefit of all; other Kenyans, shoe companies, new nations, etc

Kenyan born Bernard Lagat representing the USA at the IAAF world championships in Daegu

It is understandable when some international road races set some parallel prize money structures to reward runners from their countries as a way to encourage upcoming runners from their nations too. This will clearly encourage some healthy competition among the locals and in the long run strengthen the nation’s runners to be at the same competitive level as the international runners (Kenyans and Ethiopians, mostly).

It is also understandable when some running shoes and apparel companies just choose to sponsor runners from a certain region on the continent with the claim that their stores are located in their countries and that they feel the athletes from such places would best help represent and market their brands there.

It is also quite understandable and only natural that one would want to see a countryman, even a relative, or someone close to you win a major race in your country. But, it should be encouraged to happen in a fair manner. Ways should not be devised to have only a few selected runners compete against those they believe they have a better chance of beating if the spirit of sport is to be maintained.

Runners will often try to find other reasons besides their lack of sufficient hard work, to explain why they were beaten in a race.

The origin of an athlete should definitely never be an excuse!

Turkey, Bahrain, Belgium, Qatar, South Korea, Israel, Sweden, The USA, and many other countries have been taking runners with East African origin, especially Kenyans and Ethiopians, to represent their nations in inter-continental competitions, Olympic Games and world championships.
But, it is not just runners who acquire new citizenships.

What I like about my Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS watch

A capture of my training from Garmin Connect

A good running shoe, apparel and wrist watch is what every serious runner should have in their training. I have been using the Garmin forerunner 235 for my training since February 2018, which is over a year now. And, since I am not sponsored by any watch brand I will give an honest review as to what I like about this watch and what ought to be added.

Below is what I like: