2019 Prague Half Marathon Live Streaming Video

Prague half marathon is always known to produce fast times and today (6th of April 2019) won’t be an exception.

Leading the men’s elite start list is Stephen Kiprop, who holds the world leading time over the distance this year. He is the defending champion of the Mattoni Ústí nad Labem Half Marathon 2018 and winner of the 2019 RAK Half in 58:42. His challengers will include the Defending Champion and winner of the 2017 Birell Prague Grand Prix 10km in 27:10, Bernard Kimeli. But any one of a dozen others could step up to the top of the podium.

Others to watch include Bernard Kimeli, Jorum Okombo and Mangata Ndiwa, among others.

The race will also feature two of the fastest women in history, the Kenyan Fancy Chemutai (1:04:52 number 2 all-time) and Caroline Kipkirui, a Kenyan now competing for Kazakhstan (1:05:07 number 6).

Other interesting challengers in the women’s race include the Isreali Sportswoman of the Year 2018, Lonah Chemtai Salpeter - 2018 European Champion at 10.000m and national record holder in the marathon. She improved her half marathon PB to 1:06:40 while winning the Huawei RomaOstia Half on March 10th.

Very serious allegations to ponder on Asbel Kiprop's case

We do not know everything regarding Asbel Kiprop's case. But, below is what we know, so far, which is in the public domain as well as being "probably" part of the submission by Asbel Kiprop's lawyer. Perhaps, this would be enough information if carefully analyzed to conclude this case.

1. The sample was collected and money asked for. The integrity of the process was fatally damaged.
2. Athlete was given notice/tip off, of intention to collect sample. This was a fatal irregularity.

3. Results for sample "A" and sample" B" are different despite coming from same source, same time, same laboratory and people examing both samples.

4. Tests on other athletes shows labaratories occasionally get mistaken conclusion that natural EPO is artificial. AIU refused retest even to confirm DNA on sample belong to Asbel. The tests are as fact matters of interpretation,are relative and subjective. The other athletes whose initial tests showed positive artificial EPO, but were overturned, very especially with help of their Countries(which Asbel unfotunately didn't get) including Bernard Lagat, USA,Virginia B Luna & Rodriquez Martinez both of Spain,& Rutger Bake, Belgium.

5. The person who collected the sample, who also asked for money, and gave the irregular tip-off was withdrawn from the case and his role in the process left blank. This is also consistent with admission of fatal irregularity.

5. No declaration was made that the vessel used to collect the sample was clean,uncontaminated,& not spiked as required in IAAF sample collection regulations.

6. To date WADA whose accredited Laboratory was used to examine the sample states that there are no results on Asbel's sample, in contradistinction from what IAAF/AIU alleged positive results.

7. Asbel's blood samples for 22nd Nov 2017 being 5 days before the implicated 27th Nov 2017 tests does not support the alleged existence of EPO. Neither does blood sample collected 2 days after on 29th November. If he had doped these samples of 22nd and 29th would have shown in blood passports.

8.The primary document called DCF(Dopping Control Form-document for/on sample collection ) upon which AIU is relying to make their case is fatally false in parts, and misrepresentative in others,and incomplete in material details.

9.The sample was send/addressed initially to wrong address, other than the laboratory where it was meant to go for testing. 

10.Despite being told IAAF/AIU would collect sample Asbel kiprop availed himself & gave his sample. If he had doped he would not avail himself to supply sample and be found out. Option of not turning up has negligeable consequence, just a reprimand. His turn up is consistent with innocence .

11. Asbel had no reason to dope,as he was off competition. His next competition was to be in May 2018, 7 months away from the date of the sample collection(27th/11/2017). EPO stays in the blood for maximum 3 months, hence could not help in respect to competition 7 months away.

Amazing elite start lists for the Bahrain Night half marathon

Abraham Kiptum setting a new half marathon world record

The inaugural Bahrain half marathon happens tonight the 15th of March and, besides it being the richest half marathon in the world with the winner walking away with $100,000, the start lists are epic!
Twelve men on the list have run under 60 minutes for the half marathon while there are eleven women who have run faster than 1:09:00.
Below is the full elite start list.

Abraham Kiptum Kenya 58:18
Jemal Yimer Ethiopia 58:33
Abadi Hadis Ethiopia 58:44
Atsedu Tsegay Ethiopia 58:47
Alex Korio Kenya 58:51
Fikadu Haftu Ethiopia 59:08
Bernard Ngeno Kenya 59:22
Morris Gachaga Kenya 59:22

Is the Nike’s Vaporfly 4% fair or unfair?

How to Get the Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% 1
Nike’s Vaporfly 4% shoe
Here is an interesting view from a runner and writer on the Nike’s Vaporfly 4% shoe on whether it is fair in the spirit fair competition, whether the technology behind the foam and the carbon-fiber plate is legal and whether its price makes it “reasonably available” to all athletes.

Ian Riordan of the Irish Times is preparing to run the Dublin marathon in October and has already bought a pair of the Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%.

“Today is the first day of my competitive running comeback. It’s all building towards a proper assault at a personal record time in the Dublin Marathon in October, and I know Eliud Kipchoge is losing a lot of sleep over that,” wrote Ian.

He is ensuring “no stone left unturned – and no expense spared”. According to him, there are no