Amazing experience and great fun at the 2018 Isaiah Kiplagat Memorial Ndalat Gaa Kids Cross Country event

Back to start line for the runners after a false start in the junior men's race, Ndalat Gaa.
The Isaiah Kiplagat Memorial Ndalat Gaa cross country race continues to receive great support from its main sponsors, the county government of Nandi, local institutions and the local community at large. This year’s race was even so much better organised and bigger.
This event is turning much more into a fun weekend more than a competition. It is a great opportunity for meeting up with former training mates, mingling with star athletes, watching the races and getting entertained by traditional singers and dancer, among other enjoyable activities you can get involved in.

Do runners benefit from journalists or journalists from runners?

Justin Lagat, Percy and Erin McDougall training at Proctor Park, photo by Brighton Events
It happens at times that, some few athletes at times take journalists in circles as they seek to have interviews with them. There are at times when the journalists as well become too much for the athletes following them everywhere instead of giving them some time to relax and have some ample time with their families.
I am both a journalist and a runner and my experience, over time, in the two fields has thought me a lot. Before 2010, for example, before social media became more aggressive it was so frustrating to try and learn about and get some information on runners, especially the East African runners often referred to only as “a pack of Kenyans and Ethiopians at the front” even after winning major marathons out there. You would search about the results of the major race and find a lot written about a runner who finished 5th, 7th, 15th, 19th, etc, and nothing about the podium winners.

Kenyan runners need Kenyan companies to sponsor individual runners

Vivian Cheruiyot leading the women 10,000m race at the Olympic trials in Kipchoge Stadium, Eldoret

Many local companies in Kenya usually come in to sponsor the highly increasing number of road races around and, as athletes, we are ever so grateful for such companies.
However, unlike in other team sports like volleyball, soccer and rugby where players even get salaries while in their training camps, I am yet to see a local company in Kenya that support athletes in their training, nutrition, coaching, access to gym facilities, massage, accommodation, travel to races and other daily living expenses.

Mohamed Redal El Aaraby and Medina Deme Armino emerge victorious at the 2018 BLOM Beirut Marathon

Mohamed Reda El Aaraby of Morocco winning the 2018 Beirut Marathon, photo by Beirut Marathon

In what many would have thought to be a mistake, Mohamed Redal pushed the pace early at the Beirut Marathon managing to get an early break in the men's race that eventually resulted in an epic victory for him. He was able to beat his next competitor by a margin of over a minute.
Medina Deme Armino of Ethiopia winning the women's marathon race. Photo by Beirut Marathon
The women's race was a close competition in which Medina Deme emerged victorious. 
Below is a press release from the Beirut Marathon:
Beirut, November 11, 2018 - Mohamed Reda El Aaraby of Morocco played a starring role at 16th edition of the BLOM Bank Beirut Marathon on Sunday morning (11), clocking a course record of 2:10:41 to upset the favourites in the IAAF Gold Label road race.